Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Q&A from the Journal Sentinel/Art City

Art City Asks Jessica Steeber and Cassandra Smith
by Jessica Zalewski and Mary Louise Shumacher

Note from Mary Louise: "Art City Asks" is short Q&A with artists or art-interested types in, visiting or having some relationship with Milwaukee, answered variously via e-mail, in-person interview, video chat or whatever format we can come up with. It was the brainchild of Art City contributor Nathaniel Stern. This "Art City Asks" was conducted by Jessica Zalewski (pictured left), one of Art City's newest contributors. Many of you will know Jessica from her role at the Racine Art Museum as well as her current and recent associations with CoPA, the Milwaukee Film Festival, Guildess and many other things. She interviewed Jessica Steeber and Cassandra Smith, the former owners of the Armoury Gallery. Steeber and Smith are launching Fine Line magazine on Friday.

Jessica Zalewski: How do you to choose particular artworks/artists?

Jessica Steeber: Cassandra and I have very similar aesthetic tastes, give or take, so choosing art that we're both interested in has always been fairly easy. Almost every artist we find comes from a variety of blogs we look at; for the first issue it was just a matter of sorting through the 100+ artists we now have in mind to create a cohesive set of images and ideas to present in the first issue. The particular artworks were unfortunately determined more often by availability from the artist as opposed to our personal preference, but within those confines we were able to maintain a visual cohesiveness and find what we needed or wanted.

Read the rest of the Q&A HERE.

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