Thursday, November 18, 2010

From Third Coast Digest

Walking A Fine Line
by Elisabeth Albeck

Milwaukee artists and curators of the now-defunct Armoury Gallery, Cassandra Smith and Jessica Steeber, have recently transformed their longtime collaboration into new wave print form.

Since the gallery closed its doors in May 2009 (along with many other art spaces), Smith and Steeber have had a chance to reflect on how their artistic goals can manifest through other means.  With its first issue out this week, Fine Line Magazine is the answer to their artistic quandry.

The magazine is a lush and stylish synthesis of  art from around the world and across many mediums including photography, print and collage and text. The focus of the magazine, like the gallery space that preceeded it, is to collect work from artists who are largely unknown, and to showcase the pieces in an uncluttered, uncompromised format.  The result is a product that is guided by a subjective, private logic.

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