Thursday, July 14, 2011

A little late...

Haven't really been keeping up with the blog, but we're trying to get better.

Issue Three is out now!  Titled 'This Is A Theory', it was released on May 27th.

Featuring work by:

Raphael Halin
Anna Paola Guerra
Jelle Martens
Amira Fritz
Theo Firmo
Masako Miki
Alexander Harding
Greg Eason
Matthias Heiderich
Jonathan Zawada 
Noel and Gary Sloboda
Travis Cebula 

Emily Jern-Miller

Our next issue, Subject to Change, will be released on Friday August 26th at Sky High Gallery. Opening reception will be from 6 - 10pm, and we will be selling limited edition prints from previous Fine Line artists. More info soon!

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